Earth Month feels like an appropriate time to talk about ways LumiFae makes an effort to protect Mama Earth, and a few tips on how you can help too.



All shipments from LumiFae are completely carbon neutral.. I’ve connected the Shopify Planent app to my shop to make sure all the packages I send out have carbon neutral shipping, including international shipments. Planet works will all sorts of amazing carbon removal organizations to make this happen every single time you place an order on my site. 



I always make an effort to pack your orders in the most eco-friendly way possible. I use cardboard and paper packaging, including acid free tissue paper, so you can recycle it. The boxes and tissue paper are perfect to store your accessories in, or reuse for other purposes.

And when it comes to re-use, that’s the only time you’ll see plastic packaging from me. When I have it on hand, I reuse bubble wrap (and other non eco friendly materials) from packages I’ve received. And the "polymailers" I send your goodies in are biodegradable, or home compostable.



When it comes to working with resin, I use (and reuse) wooden stir sticks, reuse plastic cups, and also utilize biodegradable mixing cups. I make an effort to be very intentional with the resin used for pieces I create. I try to waste as little as resin as possible, and reuse scraps when I can.This goes for my use of polymer clay as well. I'm always looking for ways to make LumiFae more ecofriendly. 


How you can help the Earth:

  • Be Mindful when Shopping:
    • BUY LOCAL, SHOP SMALL, purchase pre-owned when possible, and make sure the new things you purchase are made of quality materials, and produced in eco-friendly ways.
    • Don’t shop at SHEIN, Temu, or the like. Their things fall apart and are often made with harmful materials. It’s essentially like buying trash to throw in the landfill (let’s not even get into their design theft, slave labor, etc).
    • You do not need a new outfit for every occassion. Try restyling your favorites by mixing them up with different accessories, or even dyeing/ altering the pieces (if you have the ability to do so).
    • Repair before you replace. If it can be mended or fixed try to do so before throwing it away and buying another.
  • Pay Close Attention:
    • Listen to Earth Scientists. Climatologists, Oceanographers, Glaciologist, etc., they know what they’re talking about!
    • Do your research. Stay informed. Learn as much as you can about this beautiful planet, and how to protect her.
    • If you have the opportunity to vote, be mindful of which candidates are supporting eco initiatives and which ones are absolutely not. Vote accordingly.

  • Other great ways to help:
    • growing an organic garden in your yard
    • planting native wildflowers, and other plants (help pollinators thrive)
    • reducing (or eliminating) your consumption of supermarket meat and seafood. (Factory farms are huge polluters).
    • volunteering for park or beach clean up in your local community
    • reducing your consumption of single use plastics (reusing when possible)
    • reducing your consumption of fossil fuels, and any energy consumption from sources that aren't solar, wind, or geothermal powered
    • replacing your paper towels with reusable dishcloths. Replacing disposable mop pads with washable cloth ones.
    • Carpooling, and walking/biking whenever possible
    • and so many other ways to help that you can share in the comments!


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